Prim-U is a South African company that offers beauty services in the comfort of customers' homes. As a leader, I made the decision to adopt the JAM stack for this project.

The project was built using Next.js and Contentful, utilizing server-side rendering to enhance the overall user experience.

Next.js was chosen as the framework due to its popularity and flexibility in creating production-ready applications. Contentful was integrated to address the customer's requirement of easily changing data without modifying any code. It empowers the customer to directly access Contentful and modify data as needed. Additionally, Contentful allows for seamless addition of new information, providing scalability for future expansions.



Prim-U is a South African company that offer beauty services in the comfort of your home. They came wanting to reinvent and redesign their homepage. With me as the lead with two other developer we were able to accomplish a stunning result.


Movie App

This is a NextJs/TypeScript project. It has been updated from a previous version to use the latest stack. What makes this app special is that it allows you to interact by giving voice commands using AI.

iterative-ai, a data science and machine learning version control platform, came to us wanting a new static landing page built with Gatsby. With two other developers we were able to develop and ship this site in about 3 weeks.


Previous Portfolio

I have revamped my previous portfolio to enhance its clarity and conciseness. The updated version now presents a streamlined and representation of my skills and accomplishments, ensuring a more impactful impression.