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Prim-U is a South African company that offer beauty services in the comfort of your home. As a leader I decided to use the JAM stack.
The project was actually built using Next and Contentful , as well as server side rendering to improve overall experience
I decided to use NextJS as it is a very popular react framework, but also very flexible to use and create production like applications. With NextJS I've also decided to use Contentful , and the idea behind this was taking into the considerations of what was asked from the customer.
The customer wanted a way to change data without having to change any code, and using Contentful allows you to do just that. It allows the customer to go directly into Contentful and change the data accordingly, not just that it allows the user to add more information if in the future the customer decides to add more.


  • Working as team leader was definetely a challenge, each of the other developers would argue as to which approach was the best and I had to make the final choice.
  • Communication was also hard within the team, team members would share the ideas in perhaps not the best way possible
  • Using Contenful creating the queries was a bit difficult to do, but was able to do it in a way that allows the app to scale if needed

improvements that could be made and are in the process

  • I as a leader could improve to point out my ideas and explain better why each decision makes more sense.
  • Styled System could be used more to make better reusable components


  • React
  • NextJS
  • StyledComponents
  • Contentful
  • StyledSystem




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